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by John Godber

June 5th - 7th 2008 (for adults only)

The action mainly takes place inside and outside of "Mr Cinders", a nightclub, sometime in the 1980's. Other venues include a hairdressing salon, a barbers, a pub, a bus queue, a street hot dog vending van, a taxi rank and the inside of a taxi! The main characters are the bouncers of the nightclub, Lucky Eric, Ralph, Judd and Les. The actors will also take on the roles of the customers of the nightclub - regardless of age or gender! So all the different types of '80's club goers will be included - the girls dancing around their handbags and crying about unrequited love, the lads drinking as fast and as much as they can chasing anything with a pulse and the heavy metal freaks complaining about the lack of Motorhead and Iron Maiden.


The 'Bouncers' Dickie Wood, Gary Hack, Russ Crooks and Graham Smith