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Christmas Crackers 2008


Wycliffe Drama Group


Christmas Crackers 2008


Welcome to Christmas Crackers, we hope you all enjoy the show.


·       Style Quartet – Paul, Suzanne, Carol, Andrew

·       ‘Christmas Crackers’ – David Jackson, Jacob Smith, Charlie Hack

·       The Queens Speech – Sylvia Smith

·       Fairytale of New York – Richard Hill, Becky Harwood

·       The Twelve Days of Christmas – Amanda Poulton, Richard Holyoak

·       A Very Fawlty Christmas – The company




·       Silent Night – Suzanne & Gary Hack

·       Silence of the Turkeys – Russ Crooks, Becky Harwood, Keith Parkin

·       Christmas Films – Richard Hill, Lynda Hill

·       Christmas Day in the Workhouse – Keith Parkin

·       Christmas Rap – Russ Crooks, Gary Hack, Dickie Wood, Graham Smith

·        Carols – Everyone!


The entertainment will begin at 7.30pm, with an interval at approximately 8.15pm, and concludes at approximately 9.30pm, please feel free to stay at your tables until 10.30pm.


The Company: David Jackson, Paul Jackson, Charlie Hack, Jacob Smith, Gary Hack, Sylvia Smith, Becky Harwood, Keith Parkin, Russ Crooks, Dickie Wood, Graham Smith, Richard Hill, Suzanne Hack, Amanda Poulton, Richard Holyoak. We are grateful to Lynn Jackson tickets sales, & tables! Jacqui Denson for ‘sound’, Vicky for lighting