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Robin Hood - Prince of Panto

WDG presents Robin Hood – Prince of Panto,  28th - 30th Jan 2010 inc a Sat Matinee

Wdg are celebrating 60 years of entertainment this year and kick off the 2010 season with Robin Hood Prince of Panto written by our very own Graham Smith and produced by Dawn Crooks.

 Robin returns to England having been imprisoned in the Crusades. With him is his faithful servant Achoo. (Bless you)


However he finds that his estates at Loxley, have been taken by the Sheriff of Nottingham, operating with the authority of Prince John – who has assumed control of England in the absence of his missing brother King Richard.


He befriends a gang of outlaws, and lives with them in Sherwood Forest. They steal from the wealthy travellers, and the Sheriff, giving much of their booty to the impoverished villagers.


As the Sheriffs men attempt to capture them, they hide out in Sherwood Forest. They are joined by the nuns – The Order of the Contradiction of St. Morrison – One of the novices is Robins childhood sweetheart Marion, another is an unusual nun with a beard. 


Robin and the Merry Men escape, but Marion is taken hostage. The Sheriff decides to marry her. Can Robin save her?