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Bedroom Farce

posted 2 Sep 2008, 13:46 by Richard Holyoak   [ updated 3 Sep 2009, 06:16 by DawnandRuss Crooks ]

Take four couples and three bedrooms and you have a recipe for disaster, or a very funny play by Alan Ayckbourn. The Wycliffe Drama Group turned "Bedroom Farce", which despite its title is written as a comedy with sad moments, into a sparkling polished farce.

The enormously irritating Trevor, (Graham Smith in a fantastic performance), and neurotic Susannah, (well played by Suzanne Hack), intrude into each of the three bedrooms, causing mayhem. Malcolm and Kate (Dickie Wood and Becky Harwood) are a lively young couple trying to hold a house-warming party. Nick and Jan, who is Trevor's ex-girlfriend, (Colin Rigo and Jacqui Denson), are invited to the party but Nick is bed-bound with a bad back. Ernest and Delia (Mary McDermott and Russ Crooks, ageing rid of their son, so are not too thrilled to have his strange wife Susannah, land on them for the night!

All eight actors were excellent, and had obviously worked very hard to make every part of the play run smoothly. Malcolm and Kate - "Love's Young Dream" - interacted and horse played around realistically, and congratulations to whoever constructed Malcolm's table, it fell apart beautifully! The self-pitying Nick and sensible Jan gave us some lovely moments as she struggled with her husband's agonising and moaning. As for the boring Ernest and uptight Delia, who could forget their sardines in bed?

As always with the WDG, costuming for the characters was well considered and sets were perfect I have seen this play before but never laughed as much, for me the WDG lifted Alan Ayckbourn to a new high. The producer Dawn Crooks and director Sally Willcox are to be congratulated on causing a laughter-quake in Lutterworth.

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