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Cash on Delivery by Michael Cooney

posted 29 Apr 2012, 07:51 by Unknown user

The latest production by Lutterworth’s Wycliffe Drama Group was “Cash on Delivery” by Michael Cooney (son of “farce-master” Ray). It certainly delivered buckets full of laughs, the audience was almost begging for mercy from aching sides and spinning heads as the mayhem progressed. Eric Swann (the brilliant Russ Crooks) has been defrauding the DSS of thousands of pounds aided by his Uncle George (Keith Parkin), but unbeknown to his wife Linda (Kate Gamble). So when lodger Norman Bassett (Paul Jackson) opens the door to mild mannered DSS Inspector Mr Jenkins (Richard Holyoak), all hell breaks loose.


Inventive Eric involves Norman, and they pile lies on lies. The stage is soon swirling with characters, both real and invented, including a badly behaved washing machine! We meet the bereavement councillor (Becky Harwood), marriage guidance councillor (Mary McDermott), Norman’s fiancée (Vicky Stirling), the terrifying Ms Cowper (Amanda Holyoak) and lugubrious undertaker Mr Forbright (Andrew Spencer), here to deal with the bodies. I’m not sure whose, though, but Keith Parkin running around strapped to a trolley, in moments of comic genius, may have been one.


The spot on timing of the whole cast, and clever physical comedy, especially from Russ, Paul and Keith, made this superb farce an absolute joy to behold. To quote more exalted critics than me “I snorted like a demented whale”, “a classic of the genre” and “Laugh?....I’m off to lie down in a darkened room”.


Congratulations Stuart Cross, (director), and all at WDG- you’ve done it again, pulled off a very difficult play with panache.


Vivien Window