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posted 8 Feb 2010, 14:35 by Unknown user
DRACULA was spectacular!

As were the rest of the cast in the Wycliffe Drama Group's adaptation of the Bram Stoker masterpiece. The audience was transported through time thanks to some computer wizardry, and with a more than able stage crew, it was easy to feel part asylum, castle or rose garden. It all started with a voice-over telling the tale of how hundreds of years ago, a once God-fearing Dracula vowed to use the powers of hell to wreak vengeance after losing his beloved Mina. We were then fast-forwarded to meet sisters Mina, played by Suzanne Hack and Lucy, played by Lutterworth Mail reporter Lindsay Burns. The two women worked well on stage together and you quickly fell in love with their wit and charm. with their servant Florrie, played by Becky Bedford, it was easy to feel relaxed in their company. Mad Renfield, played by Russ Crooks was fantastic and had me on the edge of my seat - a real pro! The two asylum nurses, played by Hazel Spencer and Jackie Matthew added humour and character to their well -played roles. Jonathan Harker, played by Paul Jackson, was dashing and fun. And Dr Arthur Seward, played by Colin Rigo showed his true colours when he had to drive a stake through his beloved Lucy's heart. Dracula, played by Graham Smith, was charming and hard to resist.

I look forward to seeing the next drama but, please, not so scary next time!

Samantha Dilks