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Murdered To Death

posted 3 Sep 2016, 06:27 by Alison Woodward   [ updated 3 Sep 2016, 06:41 ]
“Murdered to Death”
A Comedy Thriller by Peter Gordon
When the WDG was deciding on their autumn production it was a toss up between a comedy or a thriller. So they decided to combine the two and produced “Murdered to Death”. Definitely far more comedy than thriller, this undeniably silly, but very funny, spoof raised gales of laughter from the Lutterworth audience. As bodies keeled over, so did the audience, doubled up with laughter! I am not at all sure any of us will ever be able to watch an Agatha Christie Miss Marple play again with a straight face. (Our “Miss Maple” –played by Hazel Maher- denounced the killers and confidently expected them to break down and confess. “They always do” she announced. Only they didn’t! A great moment, and a cliché exploded!)
The expert WDG actors handled the complicated plot, lines and slapstick with confidence. Dickie Bird was especially funny as the bumbling Inspector Pratt. His lines, every one so back to front they were like nonsense, must have been murder (sorry!) to learn, and he took some wonderful pratfalls (Sorry again!). Richard Holyoak was Bunting, the ancient, drunken Butler. Or was he? And the Frenchman Pierre, (Russ Crooks) and posh lady, Elizabeth Hartley-Trumpington, (Becky Harwood), were also not what they seemed. Surprises abounded!
Director Richard Hill was well served by all his cast, which included Jane Clark and Mel Lee, soon to be murder victims. Duncan Sanderson and Mary McDermott as the Craddocks and Andrew Spencer as the sensible, and much wounded, Constable Thompkins.

Thank you WDG. You always bring us great entertainment.