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Outside Edge

posted 3 May 2009, 05:29 by Richard Holyoak   [ updated 3 Sep 2009, 06:13 by DawnandRuss Crooks ]
Summer came early to Lutterworth this year, with men in whites and the sound of willow on leather. Wycliffe Drama Group's latest production, "Outside Edge", is a hilarious comedy about a cricket team, those who play in it and the women who support it - or don't as the case may be - and laughs came faster than English wickets fall.

The 10 actors were an excellent team and gave slick and fast-moving performances, only seeming to draw breath when the belly laughs from the audience caused them to pause! Graham Smith played the officious but inept cricket captain, Roger, whose put-upon and bullied wife Miriam (Amanda Holyoak) did all the actual work for which he took the credit. Great performances! Bob, (Richard Holyoak,) has a demanding ex-wife as well as a wife, Ginnie, (Jacqie Denson), and he can't control either. Precious "Little Kevin", (Dickie Wood brilliantly reprising the role from 1989), is mothered and cared for by his larger-than-life wife, Maggie (a newcomer to W DG, Kate Gamble.) The audience loved their constant cuddles.

Cocky young solicitor, Alex, played by Jack Gamble, (whose staged falls looked painfully real) brought tarty but shy Sharon to the match, hoping to bowl her over with his play. Becky Harwood made the most of poor Sharon's embarrassment as she tried to get to the Ladies - we squirmed in sympathy. The final team member, (apart from Stuart Cross as a silent Charles), was the womanising Dennis. This was Keith Parkin's finest hour, especially when Dennis's vengeful wife torched his new BMW. 

Thank you Paul Jackson and Shirley Duncan, director and producer, and all the Wycliffe Drama Group. We had a ball! 

Vivien Window