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Robin Hood Prince of Panto - 28th - 30th Jan 2010

posted 4 Feb 2010, 09:26 by Unknown user   [ updated 8 Feb 2010, 11:59 by Richard Holyoak ]

Wycliffe Drama Group celebrate their 60th anniversary this year and in order to give all their membership the chance to appear on stage, this year’s highly original pantomime, “Robin Hood, Prince of Panto” was especially written and directed by member Graham Smith. It had a huge cast, all of whom had speaking parts, even wee Little John, at 4 years old, said his line with aplomb! All the songs had original words and it was packed with local jokes. The Sheriff (Chairman Russ Crooks as a delightful carpet chewing baddie) arranged an advert about “Evil playboy Robin Hood” to appear in the local papers. “The Mail” was prominent!

Robin and Marian, (Becky Harwood and Ailish Ford), were ably supported by their Merry Men and nuns from ”The Convent of the Contradiction of St Morrison”. The Sheriff had his henchman Steadfast (Olivia Mann) and two very funny guards, Keith Parkin and Simon Maher, but was hindered by his shopaholic mother, (Dickie Wood.) There was a dancing horse, a camp Will Scarlett and six smiling, accomplished dancers, and with help from children in the audience Robin prevailed, King Richard dropped his disguise as a bearded nun- and it all ended happily, (as pantos must), with the audience weak with laughter.

Thanks for a great night out!
Vivien Window