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See How They Run

posted 16 Oct 2016, 02:31 by Alison Woodward
Wycliffe Drama Group
“See How They Run”
By Philip King
A good farce requires enormous energy for the hectic pace, spot-on timing and exaggerated characterisations. It is not easy for amateurs to achieve all this, but when they do, a farce can be a delight. “See How They Run”, by Philip King, as performed by Wycliffe Drama Group was such a farce and arguably one of the best productions I have seen from this group.
I don’t know how the actors felt at the end, but I was worn out watching, as well as helpless with laughter! The story, written in 1940s  wartime England, involved mistaken identities, changing clothes, a drunken “spinster of the parish” (Jackie Matthew as the terrifying Miss Skillon!) and at least 5 men dressed as vicars chasing each other and leaping around the stage. The cast never faltered for a second. Their timing was immaculate.
Ida, the maid, played by the very comic Lauren Crooks, and Penelope, Becky Harwood, enjoying a comedy role for a change, tried hard to keep them all in order and all the 6 men were splendid in their roles. Russ Crooks was the carpet –chewing Clive, the dashing (all over the stage) Andrew Spencer was Rev Toop and Dickie  Wood was the confused and lovable Bishop of Lax. Julian Mitchell never lost his menace, or his accent. Scott Cooper was the diffident Humphrey and Jacob Smith tried to sort out the muddle of vicars at the end. 
The rehearsals for this play must have been very long and intensive, but, I’ll bet, enormous fun! We had a brilliant evening. Thanks WDG
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